The default email account is used to catch mail that is unrouted. The username and password of the default account is the same as your cPanel account login. The default account cannot be deleted and has no quota.

Email Accounts

Manage the email accounts associated with your domain. Use the Set Up Mail Client interface to add an email account to your mobile device or desktop email client. For more information, read the documentation.

Add Email Account
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Email Accounts

Account @ Domain Usage / Quota / % Actions
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Default Email Account

Account Usage Actions
okgltdco 22.3 MB Access Webmail

Configuration Options

Shared Address Book

Every cPanel account includes a system-managed Shared Address Book that serves as a user directory and allows collaboration. All of the email accounts listed above can access the Shared Address Book. If disabled, only the Default Email Account can access the Shared Address Book. Therefore, other users cannot access the Shared Address Book for contact information or for automatic calendar availability.